Salon Fortelli and Spa | What is tinted moisturizer and how to use it?
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What is tinted moisturizer and how to use it?

What is tinted moisturizer and how to use it?

Taking care of your skin should begin early in the day and continue to the night. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are some of the best ways of keeping your skin in perfect condition. Moisturizing is especially important for people with dry skin, particularly when wearing makeup. Click here to find out more about this

Remember that makeup hardly serves any purpose unless your skin is appropriately moisturized. Wearing concealer and foundation over dry flakes or bumps might actually highlight the fact that your skin is dry. This is where a tinted moisturizer comes in handy; it creates the perfect surface for makeup application. With this moisturizer, you might even find it unnecessary to wear makeup as your skin will be perfectly smooth and a whole lot healthier in its natural state.

What is a Tinted Moisturizer?

If there’s one beauty product that dramatically becomes indispensable during spring and summer, it’s the tinted moisturizer. Are you wondering what tinted moisturizer is and how to use it? Well, just as the name suggests, this denotes a beauty product that hydrates the skin while providing it with a naturally polished look or tint. In simpler terms, it’s a combination of moisturizer and a bit of foundation.

This beauty product contains humectants, anti-oxidants, iron oxide, and titanium dioxide. These substances make it ideal for people with dry skin and those who often experience sunburn. Here are a few tips for applying the tinted moisturizer.

Hydrate your Skin

Clean your face and blot it lightly with a towel. While the skin is damp, rub a dime-sized drop of your conventional moisturizer, preferably one with sunscreen and nourishing vitamins; alternatively, use a hydrating mask. Let your moisturizer sit for about 5 minutes for your skin to look moist and radiant. If your skin is feeling drier than usual, you may want to mix a little oil with your moisturizer.

Apply the Concealer under your Eyes

Apply a few drops of your concealer in the inner corners of your eyes and work your way outwards. For this purpose, use a cotton swab or tiny brush. Each eye should take three dabs only; use your fingers to blend and connect the droplets. For enhanced results, choose a product whose shade is half lighter than your skin tone. If you have any spots and blemishes, remember to conceal them as well.

Combine your Moisturizer with Foundation Primer

Squeeze a little foundation primer and regular moisturizer on your fingertips. Rub them together to mix the products effectively. Apply the mixture on your cheeks and forehead and rub it into your skin. Remember to pat the mixture onto your temples, chin and under the eyes. Let the mixture set in on your skin for a minute before moving to the next step.

Apply the Tinted Moisturizer

Put your tinted moisturizer on a dry cosmetics sponge. (The importance of the sponge cannot be overstated as it helps with spreading the product on your face evenly.) Subsequently, dab the sponge at the center of your forehead and blend the product up towards your hairline. Move the sponge down the bridge of your nose and outwards to both cheeks and then to the chin. Apply the moisturizer lightly around your jawbones and proceed down towards the upper part of your neck. This last step essentially serves to give you a uniform complexion.

Alternatively, you may buff the tinted moisturizer onto your skin. For this purpose, use a brush and make upward sweeping motions to spread the product on your skin evenly. Also, make small circular motions with the brush over your face. The good thing about the tinted moisturizer is that you can dust on some sheer pressed powder when your skin gets too oily during the day.

The popularity of tinted moisturizers has grown rapidly over the past few years. As more people welcome the natural appearance, tinted moisturizer is becoming an indispensable component for effective makeup application. The lightweight, sheer and hydrating properties of this moisturizer make it the perfect product for your everyday skincare use.

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