Salon Fortelli and Spa | Great ways to control weeds in your garden
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Great ways to control weeds in your garden

Great ways to control weeds in your garden

If you want to have a beautiful garden, then you need to spend some extra time in weeding it. Weeds are those plants that grow in places that they are not required to produce.

Let’s look at some Great ways to control weeds in your garden.

1. Let sleeping weeds lie

It is advisable to use a sharp knife to cut through the roots of the dandelions and other stubborn weeds. Continuous cultivation exposes the hidden weeds exposing them to enough light that will trigger their germination.

2. Do mulching

Mulching is the process where you use dry matter to cover the base of your garden to suppress the germination of weeds, if you are using organic mulching helps in not only conserve the required soil moisture content but also adds up nutrients to the soil when they decompose. It also minimizes soil disturbance.

3. Weed when the weeding’s good

You should stage a rewarding weeding period immediately after a drenching rain. You should be ready with all weeding equipment with you ranging from gloves, tarp for the collection of corpses and a sitting pad. You can use fishtail weeder to uproot tap-rooted weeds in your garden.

4. Lopping of their heads

When you realize that it is not possible to remove weeds from your garden, the best thing to do is to chop off their heads. When you cut off the tip of perennial weeds before the rain starts like the blind weed, it forces them to use the reserve foods, and in the process, it exhausts the food that is supplied from the roots. In the process, they will dry up, and you will limit their spread.

5. You should mind the gap between the plants in your garden

When you closely plant your plants in your garden, it chokes off the germination of weeds between the plants. You can, therefore, lilt the growth of weeds by closely spacing plants in your garden.

Follow these simple tips to have a beautiful garden free from weeds.

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