Salon Fortelli and Spa | A Stepping Guide to Break Your Ice Cubes
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A Stepping Guide to Break Your Ice Cubes

A Stepping Guide to Break Your Ice Cubes

If you have never know that ice cubes can broke down using a blender then you need to each process. This will help you to learn more and you will not require any helping hand from anyone. You just need to sacrifice yourself and learn the appropriate ways using a step by step guide.

Assembling your tools

You need to collect all what you need for you start over. You need strong blender which makes you to achieve a fine consistency.  You will need a manual where you will refer how to use the apparatus, crushed ice, frozen fruit and the knowledge in every step.

A strong blender

It creates a perfect frozen mixed drink if you know how to use it. Get a top brand of the blender for an easy task that you will not regret even for the end results.  A poor quality blender you will find it hard to use and you will be required to offer manual assistance.

Assembling your ice

After removing your ice direct from the freezer, place it on top of your counter. It is not enough to just place them direct to the blender. Break down the big cubes so that the blender can work on them easily and can also manage them easily. If you do this, you get consistent results that you do not have to doubt your work.

Avoid blending the ice cubes for long

If you blend this ice cubes for a longer time, you will not like the end results. Your ice will be completely broken almost to water form. This is not even a pleasing result at all it is a common mistake that you should avoid.

Total blending of ice cubes will have negative effects that will take time correct. It can make you repeat the whole process afresh. You will realize that you cannot use the results to have that cocktail drink you wished for. Be very careful to even prefer timing yourself so that you can remember when to halt.

The frozen fruit

If you are considering using a fruit in your drink recipe, a frozen fruit is just the best for you. Using a room temperature fruit will make your drink boring to have it. Get a fresh fruit that you have frozen yourself. This makes your end results to have flavor and be thick for you to enjoy it.

Always start your blender at the lowest pace

A low pace is just the best as you move front to a high speed. Starting low breaks your ingredients so well as long as you hold to your patient. It will also save your blender blades from breaking down with that speed effect. The low speed effect will give a perfect frozen drink for you.


This process is very easy as long as you follow what it required of you. Never make it difficult by using any shortcuts that will bring low achievement. You always want the best delicacy after purchasing an expensive blender aiming for the best results. What you aim for is always rewarded depending on the efforts you try to put in.

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