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The Food Types That You Need to Feed Your Pet Cat

The Food Types That You Need to Feed Your Pet Cat

Food is essential to your pet cat as it is to a human being like you. In addition, similar to humans, you need to feed your pet the right kind of food at the right amount and at the proper time. Oftentimes, we tend to feed our pets with the same food that we eat; we even tend to over feed them at times. You must however, look for foods that are right for their diet, or are made for them. This will sustain them longer and live a healthy, longer life.

Now, there is a running misconception about calico cats, particularly the male calico cats. Apparently, because male calicos are rare, these cats require a special diet. While it’s true that male calicos are somewhat rare, their nutritional requirements are the same as that of other cats. What makes them rare is that as far as calicos go, there are more female calicos than there are males. Moreover, the term “calico” doesn’t refer to a specific cat breed or any special attributes a cat has. The term actually refers to a cat’s color. Cats with red (or variations of it like orange), white, and black (or its variations blue, brown, fawn) coats are calicos. You can learn more here about calicos, particularly male calicos.

Cats, whether they are calicos or otherwise, are not very choosy about what they eat. They can eat birds, mice, and even other smaller animals, as this is their source of protein. However, they also have nutritional requirements similar to humans. Cats have a very sensitive digestive system, and it may be difficult for them to digest some food types. Pet stores sell milk for cats so that they can be nourished with the proper nutrients. You may also feed your pet cat pieces of cheeses since it also contains some elements of milk, which is good for cats.

Cats can also be fed vegetables, but only the green leafy ones since they might not be able to digest solid or hard vegetables that easily. You can also buy food pellets for your pet cat because they are formulated to have all the nutrients for your pet cat and also they are quite tasty, which your pet cat will love to munch on.

Cats can also have meat included in their diet since essentially, cats are carnivorous. Pet breed cats were just domesticated and trained to eat other food types other than meat. You must be wary though about feeding them meat that has lots of fat in it. This may clog the arteries of your pet cat, which can lead to heart diseases

The digestive system of a cat is very sensitive, they can also have diarrhea and suffer an upset stomach if they start eating human food. Taking your pet cat to its veterinarian or an animal doctor specializing in food for pets is the best way to determine which type of food group suits your pet cat. Specialists like them can provide you with a food chart that you can follow for your pet cat’s daily food requirements.

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