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Raising Children through Democratic Parenting Style

Raising Children through Democratic Parenting Style

Parents of today want to raise their children differently from how they were brought up by the authoritarian ways of their own parents. As much as possible, they avoid the old school authoritative parenting style by not using the rod or their hands in disciplining their children. They avoid using threats and demeaning words to humiliate the kids especially in front of other people. This new generation of parents has other ways of chastising their children instead of physically punishing them.

The advent of democratic parenting style gives way to mutual respect between parents and children. This parenting style is where parents can be firm yet leave the doors open for children to make their own decisions after knowing the ground rules. While children are given the right to decide for themselves, they are also made responsible for the consequences so they grow to become adults who can handle their own problems. This is part of training them about the natural and logical consequences of their actions.

Natural consequences happen when they oppose the natural law. For example, a child who forgets his lunch box gets hungry during lunchtime. On the other hand, logical consequences are directly related to events that can teach the kid how to be responsible. An example of this is when a child keeps playing with his food it is not logical to take away his toys. Instead, it is logical to take away the food and leave him with nothing to eat. In due time, these consequences help the children realize their need for parental intervention. As a result, children are motivated to practice self-restraint and will power to control their actions.

However, in this digital age, enforcing democratic parenting can be a risk parents will have to take. Because parents respect their children enough to make their own decisions, they can’t dictate what their children can or can’t watch or browse with their gadgets. How, though, can parents make sure their children’s online activities are safe and secure? Well, they can use a mobile monitoring app that lets them track their children’s online activities stealthily. The app is called Spyzie. Here’s a Spyzie review worth reading that democratic parents can learn a lot from if they want to monitor their children’s online activities while maintaining their distance.

The middle ground of parenting style is about having an open line communication and being honest about feelings. Democratic parents listen to what the children have to say not only with their ears but also with their minds and hearts. It is listening reflectively while pondering the implications of every word that comes from the children’s mouth. When it is the parents’ turn to speak, they do so with a voice that is not judging, lecturing, blaming, or complaining. This is the voice of one who loves and understands. It is not only listening but it is taking the opportunity to let the children know that their parents are there.

Raising kids through democratic style encourages reciprocal respect and love. Children are made aware that although they may commit mistakes at times, the parents are not there to judge them but provide support as they handle their own conflicts. Parents, on the other hand, may also commit mistake. However, unlike the authoritarian way, democratic parents have the humility to say they are wrong. Sometimes these mistakes bring the whole family together as long as there is acceptance and forgiveness. As a result, children learn to avoid being in the wrong side out of respect for the family.

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