Salon Fortelli and Spa | Feel natural, be natural.
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All Hair services include consultation, scalp message, shampoo, conditioning treatment and make up touch up.


A full makeup application. This is where we reinvent and refine your look for all types of special occasions, or simply to show you your beauty potential.

Eye Make Up

Let the wonderful world of Trucco cosmetics intorduce you to colour. whether it’s smoky, subtle or high drama, everyone will be instantly drawn to your eyes


Make your gathering a hit for 3-5 women. Each will enjoy a “new look” makeover, including a mini lesson. It’s a perfect starter to a night on the town.

Amazing spa

Salon Fortelli & Spa houses some of the most experienced artists, from Hair to Skin Care to Cosmetics.


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Truly an uplifting and enlightening experience, especially when time is of the utmost luxury.